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5 must go to Sushi Chains in Japan

The 5 must go to sushi chains in Japan

If I could eat anything in the world forever, it would be sushi. I love sushi so much and to be able to go to Japan, the homeland where sushi was curated is a dream come true.

Here are my go to sushi chains you have to visit in Japan.  This is also so I have something to reference to for my future trips to Japan. 

1. Genki Sushi

Genki Sushi is a popular conveyor belt sushi chain in Japan. What unique about Genki sushi is that they have robot trains delivering your food to your table.

If you’re looking for cheap cheerful and fun experience I would check out Genki Sushi. 

3. Chojiro

Chojiro is one of the best resturants you can find in Kyoto. They are another fresh sushi converyor belt restaurant whom also serve a-la-carte dishes like the salmon sashimi you see here. 

We were able to get a very spacious table right at next to the kitchen so we could see the chefs preparing all kinds of dishes. 

4. Sushizanmai

Sushizanmai is a great stop for sushi lovers. We went on a Tuesday afternoon and its was spacious and quite and the food came extremely quickly. They have a generous variety of fresh sushi dishes. 

As a bonus we got some free stickers featuring their happy chef. 

5. Kura Sushi

This is a sushi restaurant that I am dying to try out next. They were featured in James May: Our man in Japan. 

For every 5 plates you order, you have a chance to win a prize by playing a game. 

So if you’re looking for affordable, delicious sushi and want to try your luck out with games to win prizes. This is the place to be. 

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