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British Asian Podcasts you need to listen to

The Top British Asian Podcast to listen to right now

A year ago, I was scouring the podcast sphere for relatable and insightful podcasts to listen to. Unfortunately, the options were very limited to a few.  All of a sudden, it feels like a wave of new podcasts created by British Asians are hitting the scene and I’m all for it. That being said, I’ve put together a list of insightful and very relatable podcasts together. 

Lighthearted Podcasts

Rice to meet you takes a comedic twist on Asian culture in the UK. Giving you light-hearted content on the modern Asian experience. Hosted by comedians Nigel Ng and Evelyn Mok. 

Preeti talks about her personal experiences on Love, Mindset, Life Lessons and South Asian Diaspora in the UK.

Just as the name suggests, this podcast spills the Cha is on the British Asian female experience. This Podcast is just like hanging out with your girlfriends on the weekend and discussing topics from K-Dramas to  Love and dating. Hosted by the lovelies Phoebe, Elsa, Lauren & Joelle

22 Chismis embrace their Filipino culture in this bubbly, lighthearted podcast. Discussing their personal experience growing up Filipino in East London.

Hosted by the people behind BAM & Beyond which shares everything happening in the British Asian space. This podcasts moves things personal and lets you learn more about the team and ongoing in the British Asian Media world.

Insightful Podcasts

Hosted by Natalie, a British Chinese young professional based in London. Yellow Bee Pod insightfully peels down the highs and lows of the East and South-East Asian diaspora experience.

High Expectasians is hosted by @asiansinbritain and discusses various topics from A to Z of growing up Asian in the UK. They discuss things from Asian food and dating to more serious issues such as racism and xenophobia.

Georgia Ma discusses her upbringing about growing up as a BBC (British born Chinese), as well as her childhood working in her parents takeaway. 

Inspiring Podcasts

redefine the Asian stereotype by sharing inspirational stories from those doing phenomenal things.

with amazing people who have followed their passion to become leaders in their field. Come hear their stories as they educate, inspire and motivate you to acheive your dreams!

Hope you enjoyed this list and all are inspiration Podcasts that are very insightful. Let me know if there are any other podcasts that you enjoy listening to!

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