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What to do and things to see at Busan X the SKY

If you’re looking for a place to hangout and enjoy the city view of Busan. Busan X the sky is a great place to go. You start your way on the 100th floor and make your way through the exhibition to the 97th. There are loads of different views once you’re up here and a few cafés you can enjoy whilst enjoying the view.

Where is Busan X the SKY ?

LCT Landmark Tower 30, Dalmaji-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea


You can visit any time, but I would personally recommend  visiting Busan X the SKY in the evening around 5-6pm. The activities like the light show and the wave start later on so I would plan a trip to coincide with those to get the most out of your trip. Plus you’ll get a great night view of Busan and the beach. 

As of May 2023: 

  • Adult tickets  (age 13 and up):27,000 won
  • Children tickets  (age 3-12):24,000 won

If you have the Korea Tour Card you can get 10% discount on entry fee

Busan X the SKY is open all day. Monday to Sunday 10:00 ~ 21:00

But do check if they are closed for any special occasions or holidays. 


  • Gift shops – X the gift shop
  • Shocking Bridge 
  • Art Gallery 
  • Sky Garden
  • Sky Wave 
  • Sky X show
  • Sky X photo
  • Sky X Letters


  • Starbucks
  • Blackup Coffee


  • Sky 99 Grill & Pasta 


BUSAN X the SKY is the second-highest building in South Korea, what makes this place unique is that the observation deck has both a view of the Haeundae Beach seafront and the city. There are a number of activities you can do here located on the 98th, 99th and 100th floors of Haeundae LCT Tower in Busan.

Sky Garden

A small garden where you can sit and enjoy the view of Busan. The ceiling is open so it does get a bit windy up there!

Sky Wave

A wave of screens with a variation of colourful images and videos.

Sky X Letters

A cool interactive digital screen where you can write anything you want and have it projected onto the screen. There are 2 different types of screens which let you write anything in clouds or star constellations. 


The highest Starbucks in South Korea you can enjoy a drink here and enjoy the view of the city. 

Art Gallery

There’s also a very small gallery that you walk wonder and take a look at whilst exploring the floors. When we were visiting there was a Hi Mr. Blank exhibitions with cool illustrations. 

After your visit – Hang out at Haeundae and Haeundae Beach

Alot of people stay in Haeundae whilst they’re in Busan and I can see why. The area is bustling with people various festivals and of course Haeundae beach. The place is really clean and there are plenty of restaurants and food stalls around and an amazing skyline view. 

Whilst we were here in early November, we could see preparation for a light festival and a sign promoting the 2030 world expo. 

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