You are currently viewing Elans Cafe the most Instagram-able cafe in London | Review

Elans Cafe the most Instagram-able cafe in London | Review

Everything you need to know about Elans Cafe

If you haven’t seen Elans Cafe on Instagram or any social media where have you been! I visited one of their original locations with friends and this is what I’d have to say about my experience.


Elans Cafe London, 239 Brompton Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 2EP, United Kingdom

Founded in August 2017, El&N cafe opened its first branch in Mayfair and has since then boomed all over the internet. Growing to 10 different locations all over London. The latest addition to the elans cafe is the one in oxford street. 

What to order at Elans Cafe

I visited a few years ago and the menu was a simple A4 piece of paper. The café offered a few cakes and drinks to choose from which made life a bit easier but now looking at the site they over 100s of different items including a selection called Instragamable Lattes!

Elans Cafe is more of a spot for a “coffee and brunch” spot rather than a dinner locations, so do keep that in mind. I would recommend trying out one of the fabulous drinks. That being said they do have an amazing selection of lunches if you’re on the peckish side. 

Inside Elans Cafe – Pink flower wall heaven

At the time, we weren’t able to book an appointment so on arrival we waited in a queue in the cold. It felt like an eternity later (1 hour to be exact) seats were available for a table of 3. Which was incredibly lucky because (1) other people in front of us were still stuck in the queue (2) the 3 seats that were available were right next to the flower wall. 

On arrival the wall was breath-taking, all the interior elements in the café aligned so perfectly. The pink chairs, the marble table tops and pastel coloured plates. It all came together and made the experience here so enjoyable. 

We had an amazing time catching up over beautifully decorated coffee and cakes and managed to annoy everyone else around by taking a tonne of photos from every possible angle of the café. The cakes were your standard selection from red velvet to carrot so nothing too exotic.   

Overall Experience

Overall, I’d say that the Brompton Road location is a a very cosy intimate café. If you have spare time on your hands and you’re looking for a location to hang out with a few girlfriends this is the place to be. You’ll be able to snap a lot of pretty pink photos for sure. 

I’d definitely want to  visit one of the other locations in the future.

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