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Eorzea Cafes| Final Fantasy XIV Cafe

Visiting both the Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafes in Japan

Are you a Final Fantasy XIV fan? We went to not only 1 but we went to both final fantasy Eorzea xiv cafes. After the huge success of the Eorzea Cafe in Akihabara, they opened a newer location in Osaka. 

In my Tokyo Part one post, I mentioned our initial attempt into getting into the Eorzea Cafe. Basically, we didn’t get in. Fortunately, we did, so here is a quick guide and review on our experience at the Final Fantasy Eorzea XIV Cafe.

Final Fantasy Eorzea XIV Cafe Tokyo

To secure your place at the cafe I would highly recommend making a reservation in advance. Check out Truly Tokyo’s post on getting your tickets here, it really details the process well. 

How we got in was a little different. After seeing the sign saying the cafe was fully booked, we decided just to walk around and check out the FFXIV merch. At the same time the final reservations were going in, we asked the servers if there were any slots over the next 4 days we were in Tokyo. She told us that unfortunately it was fully booked (we have some hard core FFXIV fans here)  but luckily for us they some how had a table free now. We were in and I’m so grateful that the staff at the cafe are so nice and spoke very good English. 

The Final Fantasy Eorzea XIV cafe in Tokyo is based on the Gridania world of the game.

The Gridania themed interior

The Intro and Lucky Dip

Once you’re seated, you’re given an Ipad and a ticket. On this Ipad you can see all the different food items and process your order. I think its done really well. 

They have a mini introduction to the day with FFXIV sound effects. This intro is all in Japanese so we sat there and made our assumption on what was being said. They drew out 3 different tickets for 3 different prizes. The bonus prize was a honey toast sundae which was massive. 

Final Fantasy Eorzea XIV Cafe food

First, we ordered the Scholar and Dragoon themed drinks. Very simple and cute references to the game. For food, we ordered Dragon Eyes Korokke – which are fried meat ball-shaped as eyes and Mad Bull Rice Curry – which is a rice with a curry sauce in a hot stone so it’s nice and hot coming out. The food was good, not amazing but not surprising to themed cafes the food was quite overpriced for what it is. 

For each item you order you’re given a random coaster which you’re not allowed to ask for exchanges.

The cafe is also like a mini-museum and has figures and replicas of different items of the game in life-size. You can tell they really put in a lot of detail. 

You can also log into and have a play on the computers they have there.
Dragon eyes Korokke and Mad Bull rice curry

Eorzea Cafe | Osaka

final fantasy eorzea xiv cafe Osaka getting here

The Erzora Cafe in Osaka is based on Ul’dah. It is and does feel alot newer than the Tokyo branch. This time, we did make a booking and printed our tickets off at Lawsons. 

For the reservation deposit, you’re given the a choice of a coaster based on classes. Just a note, when we went they didn’t have the new Gunbreaker and Dancer classes coasters. I choose the Astrologian class coaster because I think it looked the nicest. 


We ordered a bit more this time since we were more organised. So ordered mains and desserts here are a few photos of what we ate. 

The food we ordered

Top tip – You can make multiple different orders so don’t order everything at once as we did.


I really enjoyed our experience at the cafe. Things were overprices, but for the entire experience I think it was worth it. Its a nice cosy cafe and the deco makes you feel like you’ve been warped into the game. 

Are you planning a trip to the Erzora cafe? or have you been aready? Let me know. 

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