You are currently viewing Fine Dining at one of the highest up restaurants in London | Galvin at Windows

Fine Dining at one of the highest up restaurants in London | Galvin at Windows


Galvin at Windows is one of the highest restaurants in London. On the 28th floor of the London Hilton hotel on park lane is this lovely contemporary French restaurant. The restaurant has a 360 view of the city which is stunning during the day and at night. 


Galvin at Windows, 22 Park Lane, Mayfair London, UK

The restaurant is located on the 28th floor of the Hilton Hotel in Park Lane in the heart of Mayfair. Being its own skyscraper next to Hyde Park it is definitely hard to miss. 

I would highly suggest you book in advance to make sure you are guaranteed a spot. We arrived a few minutes early to enjoy the view and the experience. The deco at this restaurant is very clean cut and modern ( a little on the vintage side) but the view is breathetaking. 

Set Dinner Menu

We opted for the Groupon 5 course dinner menu which was very affordable for the type of restaurant. We sat on the upper decks with an amazing 360 degree view of central London and was a very relaxed setting where I feel I would have really taken my time. 

The Galvin at Windows Groupon Menu

  • Courgette, pea cream, braised fennel.
  • Pan-fried pallock, spring greens
  • Chicken breast, couscous, sundried peppers, confit lemon.
  • Sauvé de Maquis, chutney & raisin bread
  • Chocolate fondant, caramelised bananas & banana ice cream

Including a complimentary glass of Bellini!

Check out the offer on Groupon here

The dining experience

We first arrived to our table and were offered our complementary drinks and bread. I love it when restaurants offer you bread especially when its warm. If you’ve tried to bake bread before you’ll know how time consuming the entire process is and how difficult it is to get it spot on. 

We were delightfully greeted by the staff and then the food came coming in. Starting off with the greenest starter I have ever seen, the courgettes, pea cream and braised fennel. I was not a huge fan of this dish as it was 1. cold and 2. ingredients were raw which probably is the correct way to eat this but just not my cup of tea. The presentation for all the dishes were spot on, there are elements of each dish that I loved but also disliked. With fine-dining experiences, a lot of time and effort goes into each element of the dish. Sometimes all the elements come together perfectly and others some parts stand out more than others which is what happened in this case. 

My favourite dish has to be hand down the chocolate fondant and the banana ice cream. It was decadent and sweet just as a dessert should be. 

Overall Experience

It was a very nice intimate experience, the restaurant is quite spacious and at the time we were only there with another couple. There were not a lot of people here at all. The staff were incredibly polite, professional on everything on the menu to the point for a regular joe like myself was a bit intimidated. 

If this wasn’t for our Groupon voucher I don’t think I would have ever experienced this, but I’m glad I did. I would definitely recommend you to try this place and seeing if its for you!

We were given postcards with the view from the restaurant! I still have this till this day.

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