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Mayfield Lavender Field | Ultimate Guide

Mayfield Lavender Field - How to get here and what to see

Looking for a perfect way to spend a summer day? A perfect Instagram spot? If you’re looking for a Lavender field that is not too far from central London and perfect for Instagram picture,  Mayfield Lavender Field is the perfect place to be. 

How to get to Mayfield Lavender Farm

Mayfield Lavender Farm, 239 Brompton Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 2EP, United Kingdom. 

There are a number of different ways you can get to the lavender field. 

By Car –  You can drive up to the Lavender field and park your car free of charge when you purchase an entrance fee.

Public Transport – You can hop on a train from London Victoria to East Croydon. The trips takes roughly 15mins. Walk to the Park Street bus stop at East Croydon and get the 166 bus going towards Epsom Hospital. There are about 33 stops between Park Street and Oaks Park so feel free to relax and enjoy the bus journey. From Oaks Park is about a 1min walk to the field. 

You can still use your oyster card for the train and the buses. 

Arrival Information

When can I visit Mayfield Lavender Farm 

The best time to visit the lavender field would be Mid-Late July. We visited during the beginning of August and the Lavender had lost most of their colour. 

The lavender visiting season  tends to opens from June 1st till August 31st. Opening 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm. For updated information check the website here.

Is Mayfield lavender farm free?

On arrival you’ll see a giant Mayfield Lavender sign which is hard to miss (like the one on the here). The entrance fee is £4 per person and you’re then free to roam around the fields. A person at the entrance of the farm will take the payment and give you a ticket to keep for entry. 

What is there to do in Mayfield Lavender Farm

The star to the show is definitely the lavender fields, they also have a lavender based café and tractor rides. If you’re looking to learn more about the history of the farm they also offer tours. 

The Lavender Farm

The lavender farm go on for miles! There is plenty of space for everyone even on the busy sports. Perfect for taking a stroll and for taking perfect photos. The field are sections out in rows, creating a path for you to walk across. 

As expected, the smell here is incredible, with that, there are also alot of wildlife roaming around including bees and wasps. So do beware! The helpers here do advise you to walk slowly through the fields not to distress the bees.

That being said my boyfriend was stung but I was wearing a skirt and was perfectly fine. 

The Mayfield lavender farm is the perfect place to visit during the summer. There are a number of different spots on the farm to explore. There were a couple of families around with kids exploring the place, I would have liked to see more places to sit and enjoy the scenes. 

For example, a wooden gazebo, a picnic area and we did see some places reserved for a hen party. So a great place to hang out with your girlfriends or guy friends too. 

Note – They also have Tractor Rides and Tours! If you’re interested in those definitely check the website out for more. 

Lavender Farm Café and shop

If you’re looking for a break, at the field entrance there is a lovely picnic spot with a  Lavender dedicated café. They have a number of lovely lavender flavoured treats like ice-cream and lemonade! I really enjoyed the Lavender treats, but they did attracted the wasps so do keep that in mind. Of course they also sell non-lavender items if its not to your fancy. 

The Mayfield Lavender farm also have a shop selling bouquets of lavender aswell as other lavender based items for you to bring home. We bought a bundle for around £4 and used it to take a few photos. You can see in the photo below that we didn’t arrive at the lavender farm early enough because  the flowers were not as brightly purple as they would have done a few weeks earlier. 

Overall Experience

Overall, I’d say if you’re looking for a nice day trip away from the bustling streets of London. The Mayfield Lavender field is a great family friendly space to get away from the city.  You don’t need to spend too much time here, a couple of hours is more than enough to explore the beautiful fields. 

I’d definitely  visit the Lavender Field again maybe with family who would love the photo opportunity. 

Note – Mayfield lavender field also have a photography competition ever year so if you’re taking photos be sure to enter and who knows. You can win some great prizes. 
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Mayfield Lavender farm vs Hitchin Lavender


Mayfield Lavender farm is near to central London but has a lot less than the Hitchin Lavender. So if you’re looking for a quick half-day trip to see the lavender fields I would suggest going to Mayfield Lavender farm. If you’re looking for a  complete day out then why not give Hitchin a visit. 


Visiting Mayfield Lavender farm would cost £4 and a visit to Hitchin would cost £7 during peak hours. 

Things to do and activities

Hitchen Lavender farm also has a lovely sunflower field and pumpkin patch in October perfect for Halloween visits. Hitchin is not too far away from London, simply jump on a train from King’s cross to Hitchin station. 

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