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All you need to know about Oceanogràfic | Valencia

During our stay in Valencia we visited the Oceanogràfic and here is what our experience was like. Valencia one of my favourite cities to visit.  

Oceanogràfic Valencia What to do and how-to here

Oceanogràfic Valencia Location

The park is located near the coast, east of the city. L’Oceanogràfic Carrer d’Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 1B, 46013 València, Valencia, Spain

Oceanogràfic Valencia FAQs

As of June 2022. Entrance to the park costs around €31.90 per adult and €23.80 per child. These are the official prices but you can find a number of different deals online saving you a bit. Including combination tickets to other exhibitions. 

  • Entrance Building
  • Mediterranean
  • Wetlands
  • Sea Turtles
  • Tropical
  • Auditorium
  • Delphinarium
  • Flamingos
  • Restaurants 
  • Shops

You can get to L’Oceanografic a number of different ways. 

  • Metro – The closest metro station is Oceanogràfic. 
  • Car – Parking cost €2.30/hour
  • Bus – The EMT bus 95 or 15 stops right outside the Oceanografic entrance.
  • Bike – You can rent a bike and park this at the entrance area

Yes, You can use your Valencia pass to get a discount for the Oceanographic by purchasing the ticket through visit Valencia or at their information offices. 

In the main entrance building there are lockers located on the ground floor.

It costs €2 euros but you need to deposit €5 first that will give you a card to use the lockers. 

You’ll then get given the €3 euros back when you return the card. 

L'Oceanogràfic Valencia Map

L’Oceanografic is quite a big space and there is quite a lot to explore. I would recommend spending 3-4 hours here and timing it with the free show at Delphinarium.

Things to do and places to go at L'Oceanogràfic

Jellyfish Exhibition | L'Oceanogràfic Valencia

Jellyfishes are pretty much everywhere here! There are so many different breds that I’ve never even heard of. 

One of the is most impressive tanks is located at the main entrance. With Jellyfish kept in huge circular tubes.  We even got to see baby jellyfishes which were amazing. 

Dolphin Stadium | L'Oceanogràfic Valencia

Next stop is the Dolphin Stadium. Beautifully decorated with surrounding waterfalls and palm trees. 

They really put on a show here, the instructors are so enthusiastic and so in tune with the audience that you’ll have a really good time here. It’s amazing to see how intelligent these animals are and how insanely high they can jump out of water. 

Wetland | L'Oceanogràfic Valencia

Next, is the Wetlands, which is located really unique Curclar scaffolding-type stadium. Only a certain amount of people can enter the dome so you would need to queue. 

Once you enter, you walk down the outline of the dome you get to a wetland-type area with turtles, ducks and loads of different types of birds. The dome cleverly provides some shade and also space for the trees which the birds hang out to grow. Although, the cool design we were told to be careful not to get pooed on!

Aquarium | L'Oceanogràfic Valencia

L’Oceanogràfic has one of the most impressive aquarium tunnels I have ever seen. It goes on for a few meters and takes you to another area of the park. It’s a great place to immerse yourself in life below the surface. It really makes you feel like you’re walking at the bottom of the ocean. It makes you feel as if you’re right next to sharks and huge swarms of fish. 

Overall experience

I really enjoyed my experience here and would highly suggest going to L’Oceanogràfic. If you’re looking for an activity to do around Valencia that is fun, clean and have a nice walk around this is the place to be. Although some of the areas felt a bit repetitive and there was a power outage I would still recommend going.

The staff are friendly, smiley and highly professional. However, do try and go earlier so you can really enjoy your time. 

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