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Odaiba Ōedo-Onsen Monogatari | Ultimate Guide

Odaiba Ōedo-Onsen Monogatari all you need to know

In Tokyo, there is a unique Onsen theme park called Odaiba Ōedo-Onsen Monogatari, which combines the relaxing nature of an onsen with the fun of a festival. The courtyard is the prime location at the onsen, inspired by the nighttime matsuri. This place is where all the festival-like activities are, from carnival like game stalls, claw machines and souvenir shops. A perfect place to hang out with friends, the food options are quite restricted to a few things so I wouldn’t come here solely for the food.

Odaiba Ōedo-Onsen Monogatari google location

Location – 2 Chome-6-3 Aomi, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0064, Japan

Traveling to Tokyo

JR Pass Facts

  • The JR pass is designed for tourist only so you will need to validate the JR pass purchase with your passport
  • There are five Tokyo railway lines that you can use with a JR Pass.
  • You can purchase your JR pass online before you travel but you’ll then need to pick this up at a main Station.

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What are Onsens

Onsens are natural hot springs in Japan, they are heated geothermally from the ground up and can be found all over the country. Traditional Onsen, are divided between men and women and hold a few etiquettes. One of the etiquettes being that you go into the hotsprings completely naked after cleaning yourself down. 

Is the Odaiba Onsen Open?

Unfortunately the onsen was closed on the 5th of September 2021 but wanted to document the experience. The brand that owns the onsen Oedo Onsen Monogatari Group has a number of different onsens around the country. 

Entrance at Odaiba Onsen Review

Once you purchase your ticket for a day trip (11:00am-12:00pm) or a night trip (5:00pm-9:00pm) at the counters you are given your wristbands. These act as your locker pass and are used to make transactions inside the facility so no need to bring in cash.

Do you need cash Odaiba Onsen?

No, you are given wristbands and these act as cash inside the facility. You can purchase food and play games by swiping this wristband and the total cost is calculated at the end of your stay. 

In addition to the bands you get to roam around in free yukata. Here, you choose which yukata pattern designs you would like to wear and size. There are more options for women than men, I chose a lovely pink and purple design and my boyfriend went for a grey yukata. 

After that you can walk your way over to the locker area which is then divided into sexes. This is where you can put all our baggage, clothes and personal items into the locker corresponding to your wristband numbers. 

Once here this is where the fun begins. You’re in the facility and can walk freely around the facility and explore the different onsens.

One of the meal options at the onsen.

Best bits Odaiba Onsen Review

Above all, the onsen experience has been so nice and is a perfect break from city life. One of my favourite parts of  the Onsen has got to be the outdoor public foot spa. At night it was beautifully lit up and was large enough so that we could enjoy soaking your feet in a nice space.

In conclusion, there are a lot oh things to do here from relaxing at the onsen, playing some carnival games and winning prizes to chilling and hanging out with friends. 

However, there are a lot of rules here like any other onsen. Like you’re not allowed to have tattoos and the main onsens are divided by sex so you can’t enjoy them as a couple. 

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