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Pokémon Cafe Tokyo

The Pokemon Cafe Tokyo | Ultimate Guide

What it is like at the Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo

Following the theme café  train, we visited the Pokémon café in Tokyo. Do you remember when Pokémon yellow first came out on the game boy colour? I definitely do, I remember me and my friends fighting over turns to play. It is crazy to think how long ago that was.  (It came out in 1998 :O)

Pokémon was a significant part of my childhood, I used to collect cards, play the game and watch the TV show. I got to catch them all! And now, I get to enjoy my childhood come to life at the Pokemon Cafe. It is great seeing a franchise that manages to maintain its audience across generation.


I made a reservation online; it is a nice and simple process and has translations in English which is a bonus. You can order exclusive items such as café Pikachu plushies, keyrings etc and they will set this up at your table when you arrive through the reservation process. 

There was a slight queue when we arrived, but because we made a reservation online, we were able to go straight through. So, I would recommend booking online first! That being said, it was surprising emptier than I thought when we got in so I’m sure everyone who queued out side were able to get in. 

Pokemon Cafe entrance

The Pokémon Cafe Tokyo

The Pokemon Café Tokyo is located on the fifth floor of the SC East Building, in the Nihonbashi area in Ginza. The café has 4 different areas, A to D, and these are each named after Pokémon. I think we were seated in B which were tables made for 2 people and side benches for families. The café has a really nice and modern wooden feel and is extremely clean.

Pokemon Cafe Food

For drinks, we ordered a Gengar smoothie and custom latte. The Gengar smoothie was amazing – it was a refreshing grape flavoured smoothie. I’m not really a fan of coffee but I opted for the latte. Mainly because you can have any pokemon from the Kanto generation printed on top, and this is served in a pokeball cup. I had Teddiursa printed on top and it was perfect. 

Then for mains, we ordered the Pikachu Katsu Curry and the Eevee well-done plate. I enjoyed the variety of the Eevee plate, it had rice, potatoes, pasta and lettuce. 

Finally, for dessert, we were quite full and decided to order the Eevee’s sweet chocolate parfait. Surprisingly not too sweet and the coffee jelly was a nice twist. 

You can buy a plate too – a new one not the one you just ate on.

Pokemon Cafe Food

Our Pokémon Cafe Tokyo Menu

Pokemon Cafe Deco

The Pokémon Cafe Tokyo Additions

During dessert, an announcement was made and people gathered around in one area surrounding a giant pikachu dressed up as a chef. Again this is all in Japanese but you can sort of follow along as this is mainly for the kids entertainment. It was a nice touch. 

Overall, the food at the cafe is really decadent and well put together. However, flavour wise, you’re better off in other places in Tokyo. I did however enjoy the experience as a whole. 

As a bonus, for each main we got, we were given the option to pick a coaster to keep. We went  during the Halloween period so managed to get a special Halloween edition coaster

Pokémon Cafe Tokyo

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