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Porto travel budget – Cost breakdown

A Porto Travel Budget Breakdown All you need to know

What should my budget be when traveling to Porto?

How much does it cost to spend a weekend in Porto?

Porto is a beautiful coastal city and for all the wine lovers out there the birth place of Port!  Full of culture, natas and wonderfully cobbled stone streets, Porto is a great place to spend a weekend.  So that being said, how expensive is Porto? 

Here is Porto Travel Budget Breakdown on the different types of cost you might incur.

Porto Travel Budget Breakdown

Accommodation | Porto travel budget

As with a majority of trips, our accommodation was the most expensive cost. Costing us around ~ £68/€79 per night for 2 people. This made up about 31% of our entire travel cost. 

The average cost for a double-occupancy room is  accommodation £98/€114 according to

City Tax – In March 2018, the city implemented a flat fee of €2 per person. So the tax costed us an additional £12 on top of the room bill for 3 nights. Do check the Porto tourism website for more information if this changes. 

We stayed at a well-known chain hotel which was a bit outside of the city centre. So our cost were slightly below the average cost for accommodation. This included a spa which we took advantage of and included this in our activities expenses. 

Food and beverages | Porto travel budget

Our second most expensive outgoing was on food and beverages. Which is a good thing.

For the entire weekend we spent a total of ~£185/€215 on food and drinks. Working out to ~ £31/€36 per person per day. From fine-dining to street food and pastel de natas. We spent £17.48 on natas buying them boxes at a time. 

The average cost for meals in one day is  £19/€22 per person according to

Clearly we did spend more than the average. This is mainly down to the fact we did opt for more sit-down restaurants including an amazing experience at a culinary school.

The food in Porto is amazing! Including steak, seafood and natas!

Meal Cost breakdown | Porto travel budget

  • eLebe Entreparades – Set 3 course meal £88.31
  • Fabrica da Nata Café – Port Red, Port White + 2 Pastel de Nata, Veal Croquete, Pastel Bacalhau  £6.19
  • Manteigaria – Box of 6x Pastel de Nata £5.31
  • A Escola by the artist – 2x 5 Course Tasting Menu, Water, Ice Tea, Pear £59.07
  • Nata Lisboa – 2x Box of 6x Pastel da Nata £12.17
  • Tram Restaurant – Francesinha, Fries, Lilt Wannabe, Peach Ice Tea – £13.81

Entertainment and Activities | Porto travel budget

For the entire weekend, we spent a total of ~£43/€150 on food and drinks. Working out to ~ £7/€8 per person per day.  

The average cost for entertainment for one day is  £8.5/€10 per person according to

There are a lot of free activities in Porto, from walking around the city centre and exploring the parks and churches which are mostly free. You have to visit the stunning blue tiles – Azulejos which are dotted around the city. Its absolutely stunning, speaking to the wonder blue nature to the city. 

If you’re planning on visiting Porto’s famous bookstore which inspired the Harry Potter books, Livraria lello. Read our guide here.

Entertainment costs | Porto Travel Budget

  • Livraria Lello – 2x €5 Vouchers/Entry Ticket £8.85
  • Sheraton – City Tax & Spa £24.78
  • Cathedral – 2x Entrance £5.31

Transport | Porto travel budget

In total, we spent £60/€70 on transport within the country. Working out to £10/€12 per day per person. 

The average cost for local transport is £10/€12 per person according to

Porto is quite a historic city with most of the paths cobblestones with a lot of hills. It will definitely wok out your thighs! As our hotel was located a bit outside the city we mainly took taxi’s to our destinations which was very convenient and on the cheaper side in comparison to larger cities. We even had a ride on one of the traditional trams that run through the city. I would try this once, but its quite crowded and tends not to be on scheduele. 

Weekend in Porto overall cost breakdown

Stay tuned for more Porto posts.

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