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Sketch Pink Room

Dinner at Sketch London | What you need to know


The sketch is a wonderfully quirky elegant tea room restaurant in central London. My boyfriend treated me to a lovely birthday Sketch London Dinner. We stayed at the bar and explored the toilet pods. Here’s what you need to know about having dinner at Sketch.

Sketch is a quirky elegant tea room restaurant. It’s the perfect location if you want to celebrate a special occasion or have a cosy day out with your girlfriends during the day. At night this place turns into a  cocktail lounge. Sketch is famous for the decor and their classic afternoon package which includes caviar.

9 Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2XG

Sketch is in between Soho and Mayfair with the closest station being Oxford Circus. 

  • The Parlour – Private dining
  • The Lecture Room & Library 
  • The Glade – Forest Room, a twilight lounge
  • The Gallery – The ultra Pink Room
  • The east bar and Pods – Pod bar and bathroom

Yes you can walk into Sketch, but this doesn’t guarantee you a spot.

Smart, No Sportswear or beachwear are not permitted

How to get to Sketch ?

If you get off at Oxford Station and walk down Regent Street towards Piccadilly Circus. Sketch would be to your left down a side road. Sketch is a very popular restaurant for dinner so I would highly suggest making a reservation. 

The Twilight Lounge - The Glade

The first room, which is near the entrance, The Glade. This is a lounge with its own bar decorated to look like an enchanted forest.  You can’t see it very well in the photos but there are projectors all around the room which makes the room look like a living breathing forest. 

We were allowed to wait here before our reservation at the Gallery. Although, you would also be allowed to have food here as well. The room is smaller, but its the perfect place if you’re looking for a more cosy experience. 

Sketch Bar
The Glade room Bar
Sketch drinks
Cocktails at the twilight lounge

Sketch London Dinner in The ultra Pink Room - The Gallery

If you’re looking for the room all over Instagram. This is The Gallery – The ultra Pink Room. From the comfy chairs to all the walls everything is pink. The decor here is amazing. 

Sketch Pink Room
The pink room - The Gallery

The pink room is very grand and there are plenty of seats to go around. The menu at sketch have a variety of different options. To make life easier the dinner menu fits perfectly onto 2 pages in this unique leather case with paper forks sticking out which I thought was very cool. They have a very bubbly environment here, with music and people chatting away at other tables. So you don’t have to worry about being too loud. 

Sketch London Dinner Menu

Sketch Menu
Sketch Menu

We ordered our food, and there was enough time for us to walk around and explore the place. This restaurant is like a museum with a number of different rooms and bars to hang out in. 

We got back to our table and the food arrived looking stunning. The food looks like something that you’d see in master chef with every element on the plate coming together. The attention to detail here is incredible. even with the plates, the food was served in had names of the nearby streets. 

Sketch Dinner Meal

As it was a celebration we were given a little personalised treat for the occasion.

Sketch Happy Birthday

The East bar and Pods – Pod bar and bathroom

Of course, a trip to sketch is not complete without visiting their famous pod filled bathroom! it’s a wonderful sight. The pods here are actually individual toilets. Its is one of the strangest feeling doing your business in one of these pods but they are fully functional. 

Sketch pods


Sketch London is a really nice place to visit if you’re looking for a different experience. I really enjoyed exploring the different rooms and taking photos of the place. Food-wise, the dinner courses were wonderful and to a very high standard. But I did leave here hungry for more. So I’d suggest in this case going to dessert restaurants to finish, and there are plenty around here.  

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