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Tenerife travel budget – Cost breakdown

Tenerife Travel Budget A breakdown of all the cost you're likely to encounter

How much does it cost to spend a weekend in Tenerife Cost?

Tenerife is the perfect winter getaway location. With the average temperature in December in the 20s, this coastal island is perfect for chasing that winter sun. 

Full of friendly faces, paella  and a wonderful black beach. Tenerife is a great place to escape and spend a weekend.  So that being said, how expensive is stay in Tenerife? Here is Tenerife – Pureto de la Cruz Travel Budget Breakdown on the different types of cost you might incur.

Tenerife Budget Breakdown

Accommodation & Flight Package | Tenerife travel budget

Which costed a total of £522 contributing to 68% of the entire budget. Working out to be £174 per night for 2 people for accommodation and flights. 

On average, flight (£113) and accommodation (£73) would come to £186 per day for 2 people. We saved about £12 and return transport from and to the airport and breakfast and dinner was provided. So overall a great deal and I did enjoy the convenience of it and would love to try this again. 

You can find the average cost of trips to Tenerife here

The hotel we stayed at was recently renovated so everything was clean and very modern and included a spa. All rooms had a sea view and had everything that you would want in a 4 star hotel. 

Food and beverages | Tenerife travel budget

Our second most expensive outgoing was on food and beverages. Which is always a good thing. For the entire weekend we spent a total of £107 on meals. Working out to £18 per person per day.

The average cost for meals in one day is  £27 per person according to

We spent alot less than the daily average and what was mainly down to having our breakfast and dinners provided by the hotel. We did have to pay for drinks at dinner but that didn’t contribute too much to the over all spend.

Meal Cost breakdown | Tenerife travel budget

  • McDonalds – Wings + Nuggets Bucket – £10.32
  • BK Aire Granadilla –  Paella – £13.36

Entertainment and Activities | Tenerife travel budget

For the entire weekend, we spent a total of £93 on entertainment.  Working out to ~ £15.50 per person per day.  

The average cost for entertainment for one day is  £19 per person according to

Tenerife are renowned for their uniquely wonderful black beaches. If you’re looking for something to do as a break from lounging by the pool then Tenerife have a lot of amazing tours. We decided to visit Loro Parque and spend a relaxing time at the hotel spa. 

There are a lot of different things you can do in Tenerife including a night trip to go star gazing and going to a water park. 

Entertainment costs | Tenerife Travel Budget

  • Spacio10 Atlantic Mirage – 2x Spa 15€ Each
  • – Loro Parque Tickets x2 – £66

Transport | Tenerife travel budget

In total, we spent £37.5 on transport within the country. Working out to £6.25 per day per person. 

The average cost for local transport is £41 per person according to

If you’re not renting a car the next option would be to take public transport or taking a taxi. This is quite common if you’re at a resort away from the city centre. Luckily for us, there were quite a few bars and restaurants around so we didn’t need to spend too much on transporting to different places. Especially with the hour long trip to the airport and the hotel already provided. 

Weekend in Tenerife overall cost breakdown

Stay tuned for more Tenerife posts.

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