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The Best Burgers In London

The top 6 burger places in London right now

Burgers are pretty much a classic staple in British cuisine. They can be so simple and at the same time, full of flavour. Here is a list of all the best burger places (in my opinion) that I’ve tried and tested. 

I know there are so many other places to try so do let me know in the comments where I should go next.  

1. ShakeShack

A global brand which started out as a hotdog stand in New York in 2001 has been brought over to the UK and I’m so glad it did. The burgers are wonderfully classic and all are served on a springy toasted potato bun and perfectly sided with their crinkle-cut fries. All fries should be crinkled all curly in my opinion – its da bomb. 


Locations – Victoria, Covent Garden, etc

2. Honest Burgers

If you’re looking for a burger restaurant unique to the UK, I would suggest going to honest burgers. I’ve never been disappointed by visiting an Honest burger restaurant. 

What I love about honest burgers is that each branch has a local special burger and source local beers in the area. In addition to this, all their burgers are served with rosemary seasoned fries – can this burger get any better


Locations – Covent Garden, Baker Street, Clapham, KingsCross, London Bridge, Peckham, etc.

3. Patty and Bun

If you’re looking for more of a trendy burger restaurant Patty & Bun may be the place for you. Patty & Bun attracts a lot of people so I’d suggest coming off-peak to avoid the wait. 

All burgers are served in a lovely, soft and fluffy brioche bun which just beautifully elevates these burgers to another level.   


Locations – Liverpool Street, Goodge Street, Old Compton Street, Kingly Street.

4. Siirgista Bros

Leaning towards the fast-food chain vibe, Siirgista Bros have 7 burger restaurant branches in the UK. This chain focuses on creating 100% Halal, free-range and fresh burgers to order.

Some branches have refillable drinks and have vegan burgers options too.  


Location – Shepherd’s Bush, Baker Street, Piccadilly etc

5. GBK

One of the more well-known burger places in the UK with have GBK – Gourmet Burger Kitchen. If you’re looking for an affordable, classic wide variety of burgers this is the place to be. 

GBK is the restaurant that had me hooked on sweet potato fries for years. If you’re planning your visit here I would strongly suggest downloading the app, they have so many good offers and freebies that you shouldn’t miss. 


Locations – Covent Garden, Wimbledon, St Pauls, Bayswater, Spitalfields, Baker Street, etc

6. Burger and Lobster

The B&L Beast burger as the name suggests is a BEAST! Sold as the best of the land and sea. This burger is a beef patty topped with Lobster Meal, brie, truffle and tarragon mayo if you’re feeling very fancy.


Locations – Soho, Mayfair, Oxford Circus, Mayfair, Threadneedle Street, etc

I know this is a very short list and restricted list but here are the places I’m heading to next to try!

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