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steak with sauces

All you can eat A5 Japanese Wagyu Buffet in Tokyo | Ginza Steak

Trying all you can eat A5 Wagyu Beef in Tokyo

If you’re looking for an all you can eat Wagyu dining experience check out Ginza steak. Find out more about my personal experience at Ginza Steak here.

One of the things Japan is well known for is its beef. Wagyu beef translated directly to Japanese beef and can be any of the 4 breeds of cattle in Japan. So what makes Wagyu beef so special?  Wagyu beef has a higher level of marbling, so the meat texture is finer. Making the meat simply melt in your mouth. 

Ginza Steak Location

Ginza Steak
Granbell Ginza II 8F・9F,
1-5-5 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004, Japan

Ginza Steak is located in the shopping district in Japan. So a perfect location if you’re looking to take a shopping break this would be a great option.

Like with most restaurants and shops in Japan, Ginza steak is located on a specific floor of a building so definitely keep that in mind if you feel lost. 

Ginza Steak Menu

You do have to make a reservation here so make sure you do this for the right restaurant (because there are other chains in Tokyo) and at the right time.

We opted for the lunch menu which is slightly cheaper for less variety but you’ll still have the opportunity to try all the different cuts of steaks. 

The all you can eat Wagyu experiences started off with a few dishes, including a Marinade Trout, Pumpkin Potage and Teppanyaki Shabu Shabu. The presentation for these dishes was impeccable, and enjoy every last bit of it. 

  • Marinade Kungi Trout
  • Pumpkin Potage
  • Teppanyaki Shabu Shabu
  • A5 Wagyu Steak ( 7 rounds of steak cuts) 
  • Garlic Rice and miso soup
  • Ice Cream

All you can eat A5 Wagyu Steak

steak with sauces
camera steak

It was a very nice intimate experience where chefs would freshly cook steak in front of you around a grill with only about 9 people around. The waiters/ess were really nice, friendly and informative about what the dish was and how we were meant to eat it. I loved every course! 

I would 100% recommend a trip here for anyone visiting Tokyo and wants to try A5 Wagyu steak. 

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