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Margate Cave Sign

Top 10 Things to do in Margate UK Travel

Top 10 things to do in Margate UK

Looking for a beach getaway?  Take a trip to one of the UKs classic beaches and explore all the wonderful hidden gems.

things to do in Margate UK

  1. Shell Grotto
  2. Turner Contemporary 
  3. Margate Caves 
  4. The Old Kent Market
  5. Tudor House
  6. Margate Main Sands
  7. Margate Museum
  8. Escapement Escape Room
  9. Dreamland Margate
  10. Lost Island Adventure Golf
Margate Clock Tower
Shell Grotto

1.Visit the Shell Grotto

One of Margate’s formally hidden gem, the Shell grotto is an underground passageway where most of the walls and roof is covered in mosaics created entirely of seashells. The grotto holds about 4.6 Million shells on the walls and roof in the form of mosaics.

2.Turner Contemporary 

Opened in 2011 the Turner Contemporary is an art gallery which sits on the coast of Margate. The gallery is free to enter, you can book or just walk in and hold a number of different temporary exhibitions. On our visit in April 2022 we explored the exhibitions:

  • Sirens: Sophie von Hellermann and Anne Ryan
  • Wayfinder: Larry Achiampong & JMW Turner curated by Larry Achiampong

Right next to Turner Contemporary is the Visitor Information Centre where you can find all you need to explore the city.

Margate Cave Sign

3. Explore the Margate Caves 

The Margate Caves re-opened its doors in August 2019, after it closed in 2011 and was quickly restored. Just like Margate itself, the Caves have a very interesting past, from being a chalk mine to a popular Victorian tourist attraction. Find out more on your visit there, the volunteers are so friendly and know so much about the location. 

Margate Cave

Fun Fact! In the Victorian era, people painted over Adam and Eve with apes because they were nude. 

4. The Old Kent Market

The Old Kent Market is a bright red building on the coast of Margate that is really hard to miss. If you’re looking for a market of unique food and drinks including a renovated double decker London bus, a bakery, and a number of cute cafes.

5. Explore the Tudor House

Margate Beach Sunset

6. Sunbathe at the Margate Main Sands

One of the main attractions to Margate is its award winning the beloved sandy beach! The beach is easily accessible from the walkway and the soft sand is great for sunbathing and sand castle building. 

7. Explore the Margate Museum

8. Escapement Escape Room 

The Escapement has been by far one of the best escape rooms I’ve been to. Unlike most escape rooms the Pirates of Polaris room doesn’t have a time limit and everything and I mean EVERYTHING in the room has a purpose. What makes the rooms even better are the hosts/game masters, they were absolutely incredible and really lifted everyone’s experience.  They have 3 rooms:

  • Pirates of Polaris
  • Egyptian Exodus
  • The Pit

At the end of the escape room, we were given a very cute charm, and if we collect all 3 charms by completing the other escape rooms we will then get the opportunity to take part in another special escape room. 


9. Dreamland Margate

A classic beach trip isn’t complete without exploring the arcades and games on the shore. Dreamland Margate is the place to be for a break from the beach, with old pinball machines like games and a cinema!

Adventure Golf

10. Lost Island Adventure Golf

At the back of the Flamingo Arcade is an underground 18 hole mini golf course. A perfect place to hide out for a few hours in Margate. The decor and the atmosphere was immersive with figurines dotting around the course and noises and music playing around.  

I absolutely love Margate, there is so much more to do there than I expected. There  is always something to do or see so hope you enjoyed this. 

Find out more about visiting this fun loving city here.

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