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Top 6 Christmas Lights to see in London | UK

Top 6 Christmas Lights in London and where to find them

Every winter, London lights up in the most stunning way. The city gets into the Christmas spirits with beautifully decorated shops and streets.

  1. Christmas at Kew
  2. Winter Lights
  3. Winter Wonderland
  4. Chiswick lantern festival
  5. Winterfest at Wembley Stadium
  6. The National History Museum 

1. Christmas At Kew

Christmas at Kew is one of the most anticipated Christmas trails in London. Not only do you get to enjoy the Christmas Lights but you’re also enjoying a stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens. 

Some of the installations do get very crowded but if you have the patience to wait for the crowds to leave, you could have this place all to yourself. Christmas at Kew is very family-friendly and enjoyable for all. Food and drink stores are dotted around if you do get peckish.

Fun Fact – I worked in one of the food huts at Kew garden one Christmas and had a lot of fun. Although I think I don’t think I was very good at it but enjoyed the experience. 

2. Winter Lights

In the heart of the city, Canary Wharf is lit up for the annual outdoor light festival. Lighting up the Canary Wharf estate which is normally occupied by the financial works by day.  

Winter lights is very easy to get to and hard to miss. Volunteers are located just outside the station to hand out maps of the ideal route to take through the estate. 

Some lights can be seen from a distance and some are interactive. The best of both worlds for everyone. 

3. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is one of the biggest Christmas attractions in London. Located in one of the royal parks, winter wonderland offers an array of different activities for all ages. They have  over 100 attractions so you’re definitely spoilt for choice. 

I enjoy going for some Christmas Street food like this tornado chip stick and mini pancakes pictured to the left. They’re on the pricey side but its only a once a year year. 

4. Chiswick Lantern Festival

Chiswick lantern festival is a bit outside of the city centre but has a different take on Christmas lights. Unlike the Winter lights and Kew gardens which focuses different ways of displaying light, Chiswick focuses on creative lanterns. The festival focuses more on a world that combines the traditional Chinese lantern-making with art. 

I’d say this more ideal for children as they’ll appreciate the characters of the lanterns a lot more. Definitely a nice family friendly adventure that can be enjoyed by all.  

5. Winterfest at Wembley Stadium

Winterfest is one of the newer light festivals based in west London. Because this is one of the newer festivals it is not as crowed, and you can enjoy some of the installations in peace.  

Winterfest is in the centre of Wembley Park so you can pop into some shops at this outlet hub whilst you explore the trail. The star of the show has to be this beautiful “star box” filled with golden fairy lights.

We stopped off at Wembley box park to enjoy some street food at the end and really enjoyed the open atmosphere here. 

6. The National History Museum 

Last but not least the ice rink at the National History Museum. The ice rink here is one of the most iconic ice rinks in London. 

You can enjoy gliding around a stylish Christmas tree in the middle of the rink with a beautiful historic backdrop. The rink is both beautiful in the day and night with a viewing deck and a few food stalls for when you’re hungry. 

Bonus – There is also a little selfish booth in the corner for you to take photos with friends or family.  

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