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Valencia Tourist Card, Is it worth it?

During our stay in Valencia, we took advantage of the 72h Valencia Tourist Card. Here is a breakdown on how we used it and if it was worth it?

Valencia Card Tourist What is it?

The Valencia Tourist Card is an all in one card which gives tourist free travel, discounts and free entrances to museums and monuments. 

Visit Valencia Tourist Centre Location

The centre is located right in the city centre. The staff there were very helpful and we got hands of a massive map. Visit Valencia, Avinguda de les Corts Valencianes, 41, bajo, 46015 València, Valencia, Spain

Valencia Card Tourist FAQs

As of June 2022 the Valencia Tourist Card cost: 

  • 24 Hours Valencia Tourist Card  €15.00 
  • 48 Hours Valencia Tourist Card  €20.00 
  • 72 Hours Valencia Tourist Card  €25.00 
  • Free Transport within the city, including from Valencia Airport
  • Free or discounted entrance to Museums & Monuments
  • 2 x Free Tapas and drinks 
  • A Free Tourism Map

There is a whole array of activities you can use the Valencia card on and here is a guide to all those places

You can buy the Valencia Tourist Card

  1. Online – You can purchase your tickets on which will give you a QRcode to scan in for a pick up later. This is what we went for and got 10% off the pass to pick up conveniently at the airport. We easily 
  2. Tourist Office – You can also buy the card in person at the Tourist Offices around Valencia.
  3. Vending Machine + Digital Kiosks – There are Visit Valencia machines scattered over Valencia. One being at the airport. 

Valencia Card Tourist Activites

There are so many museums and monuments in Valencia that accept the Valencia card.  Including the main attractions like the main sites in the city of science and La Lonja. 

Here is a list of the places we visited with the total discounts we got with the Valencia Tourist Card per person. 

  • La Lonja – €2.5
  • St Nicholas Church – €1
  • Valencia Cathedral – €0.80
  • Museo of Art and ceramics – €1.5 
  • Oceanograpfic + Museu de less ciéncies – €5.10
  • Total Discount €10 .90

Having the Valencia card provide discounts was nice and also made us want to explore more of the city using it. 

Valencia Card Food and Drinks - Tapas

When you collect your Valencia Cards you get 2 additional printed tickets for free tapas and drinks.

  1. One of the tickets lists a number of different restaurants you can redeem your tapas from. The restaurants you can claim these tickets at are; Cafetería Navellos, La Cigrona, Mantequerías Vicente Ferrero, Charcutería Amparo or Salazonarte
  2. The other is specific to redeeming your tapas from El Corte Inglés Cafeteria after 5pm. 

1. Our experience with the free tapas and beers at La Cigrona Restaurant. 

Our first free tapas stop was at La Cigrona Restaurant. The restaurant opened again at 8 pm when we arrived and it already seemed busy.

When we arrived at the restaurant and showed our valencia card ticket, the waiters immediately recognised it, took the ticket out of our hands and sat us down at the bar. Unfortunately, we didn’t really get a choice of the seats and we weren’t told what the tapas was or what drink we wanted? It is lucky that we didn’t have any allergies! 

A few minutes later we were given a small glass of beer and some tapas which was a hummus-like dish which we ate with bread.  The beer was from the tap and was quite refreshing after a hot day in the city and the tapas itself was decent. Not amazing but good for a free dish. 

After finishing the tapas, we were planning on having dinner at the restaurant so we asked for the menus, however, once we did get the menus no one really saw to us and asked if we wanted something else. So we decided to leave. The service was pretty terrible and is not a place I would visit again. 

Overall, I enjoyed the free tapa and beer but it constantly felt like we weren’t welcome so I might suggest trying out one of the other restaurants on the list.  

Free Tapas at La Cigrona Summary

I went back to check how much we saved with the free tapa and here is the cost breakdown of what we got.  

  • Free Beer – Estrella de Levante “presión” (caña) €2
  • Free Tapas – Ensaladilla rusa con cigalas €6.5
  • Total amount saved – €8.5

From looking at the menu the freebies were pretty much the cheapest items from that restaurant. The food was still pretty good nonetheless and if I  were to use this next time I would love to check out other places. 

2. Our experience with the free tapas and wine at El Corte Inglés Cafeteria. 

We really wanted to make the most out of the freebies from the Valencia card, and by doing so we explored our way to one of the El Corte Inglés branches. El Corte Inglés is the biggest department store group in Europe with 3 branches in Valencia. 

We made our way to the top floor of El Corte Inglés where the cafeteria is which had an amazing rooftop viewing deck too if you’re looking for a view spot. 

When we arrived at the restaurant and showed our Valencia card ticket, the waiter immediately recognised it, took the ticket out of our hands and let us choose where we wanted to sit. This was a nice change in comparison to the other place. Once we sat down the waiter asked what type of wine we wanted and we chose the red. Again, it was really nice we got a choice here and the service was slightly better than what we had experienced at La Cigrona. At the same time, we had no idea what the tapas was going to be.

The red wine and the tapas came, what was better about this experience was that we were given 2 different types of tapas. One was a humous type dish with breadsticks and the other was chicken over chips. Overall this was a nice difference, the wine was nice and the food was good and then we got to go onto the viewing deck and view the city skyline.

We also managed to get dinner here but the options were quite limited because the dinner menu was a lot smaller than the breakfast and lunch options.  

Free Tapas at El Corte Inglés Cafeteria Summary

Again, I went back to check how much we saved with the free tapa and here is the cost breakdown of what we got.  

  • Free Wine – Blanco Seco Rioja – €2.50
  • Free Tapas – Solomillos de pollo de corral marinados y empanados – €9.95
  • Total amount saved – €12.45

From looking at the menu it was quite difficult to look for how much we saved with the free tapas. But I did enjoy this experience more of the food and the customer service and the added bonus of the view. 

Valencia Card Transportation

The Valencia card allows you to travel to and from the airport and within the city. It’s is a very convenient way to travel around. We didn’t need to top up or buy any tickets when we used public transport and simply taped the card at the readers located at the stations.  

Saying that, Valencia is very walkable and very bike-friendly. So most of the time, we didn’t need to take public transport but we choose to just because we could. 

Overall savings on the transport

  • Metro to and from Airport – €5.6
  • Bus – €3
  • Tram – €1.50
  • Metro – €1.50
  • Total Savings – €11.60

Overall as you can see we saved a majority on transport to and from the airport. Other than that, I would say you don’t really need to get public transport so we didn’t save too much in that regard. 

Valencia Tourist Card Breakdown

Here is a more easy to read and see version of the cost and discounts you can get with the Valencia card that you can save for later

Is the Valencia Card Tourist worth it?

In my opinion, yes the Valencia card tourist was worth it. I would say it might be more efficient to buy the 24h/48h cards and use all the discounts during that time.

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