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Vienna and Hallstatt In Photos | Austria

Vienna and Hallstatt in Photos

The first time I’d actually heard of Vienna was through a colleague – a guy named Gary. (I was at the good age of 21 and had no idea where Vienna was – Hope I’m more cultured now).

Garys was enlightening me on his adventures him and his wife Meredith had there. The funny thing was I actually thought he was talking about Venice, so I was just sitting there thinking “why didn’t he go on a gondola?” or “are italian trains really that good for him to be raving about them”. I eventually asked..

Gary: “Oh, you’re thinking about Venice, I’m talking about Vienna”
*I stared blankly
Gary: “Vienna, Austria?”
Me: “Ohh, Vienna, I see”

I still didn’t know where this place was, I just nodded along and managed to get through the conversations before the company dinner ended. phew.

Vienna/Venice, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who mixes them up.

Schönbrunn Palace


St. Stephen’s Cathedral


Vienna University