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Weekend in Paris Itinerary | Ultimate Guide

How to spend the perfect Weekend In Paris Itinerary

Looking for the ultimate guide on spending a weekend in Paris? You have come to the right place! From popular landmarks to amazing places to eat here’s all you need to know. 

Weekend In Paris Itinerary Contents

Gare du Nord
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris
Pont des Arts
Louvre Museum
Tuileries Garden
Bassins du Champ de Mars
Pont Alexandre III
Eiffel Tower
Bateaux Parisiens

Chez Gladines
square Jehan-Rictus
Moulin Rouge
Palais Garnier
Galeries Lafayette Haussmann
Grand Café Capucines
Arc de Triomphe

Louis Vuitton Foundation
Luxembourg Palace
The Centre Pompidou

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Metro sign

Transportation In Paris

Taking the metro is very convenient in Paris, there is almost a metro station at any landmark and it’s very easy to use. Simply just purchase a ticket at one of the ticket machines (these also have an English option) 

If you’re in Paris for the weekend I would suggest purchasing the 10 tickets at the time for 16€. This is saving you from constantly making purchases and you also save 3€. Its a win-win situation. This is 18.75% cheaper! Again do check the website because these prices do change.

Weekend In Paris Day 1

Notre Dame de paris

View one of Paris’s iconic landmarks. Notre-Dame is a catholic cathedral that sits on the island lle de la cité on the Seine river. This medieval cathedral holds with it, a lot of history, it is the site of Napoleon I’s coronation, the set to the hunchback of Notre-Dame and the site for many historic events. Unfortunately, Notre Dame is temporarily closed until further notice to visitors due to a fire in 2019. 


On the same lle de la cité island,  is the magnificent royal chapel, Sainte-Chapelle. The minute you step into the chapel you will immediately be blown away by the 1,113 stained glass windows. Built in the same gothic style this chapel is one not to miss. If you’re under 25 from the EU you’ll get free access. Do check before traveling. 

Musee du Louvre 

Visit this iconic art museum which is home to the mona lisa.Top tip – There are multiple entrances to the Lourve so avoid the queues and find one of the other entrances. One of these entrances is near the Palais Royal & Musee Du Lourve station so do keep an eye out.

Tuileries Garden

Next to the Louvre is the Tuileries Garden is the perfect place to unwind and stroll through. If the weather holds up you can hire boats and jump on the ferris wheel to really enjoy the parisian spirit.

Pont Alexandre III

On route to the Eiffel tower, you’ll pass one of the most romantic and ornate bridges in the city. You will definitely encounter couples taking a stroll across the bridge.

Also, if you have watched Me before you, this is the bridge that is featured in the last scene.

Eiffel Tower – Tour Eiffel 

The grand and formidable iron tower Tour Eiffel. The tower has been around for more than 130 years and continues to symbolise the strength and liberation of Paris. There is also a restaurant here if you’re looking for a meal with a view. 

Top Tip – Looking for the perfect spot to take photos? Get off at Trocadero station, you’ll see a platform with the eiffel tower in the distance. Walking towards the eiffel tower you’ll see 2 flights of stairs and you’re here for the perfect view.

River Cruise 

Riverside of the Eiffel Tower is a line of different boat tours. You can 

We took a boat with the Bateaux Parisiens group and the boat took us up and then down the river. There were seats indoors and outdoors and if you time it right you might be able to see the sparkling lights that go off for 5 minutes at the beginning of every hour till 1am.

Weekend In Paris Itinerary Day 2

Chez Gladines – Sunday Brunch

If you’re looking for a Sunday brunch location with an amazing all you buffet and a duck confit to die for. 

Sacre Cieur – Basilica 

North of the city sits this unique basilica that is sat on top of butte Montmartre. Get off at one of the nearest metro stations – Anvers, Barbès Rochechouart and make your way towards the Sacre Cieur. On route at the bottom on the hill you’ll pass through some shops and food stands 

Square Jehan-Rictus

A short walk away from the Basilica is a lovely small garden – Square Jehan-Rictus. If Paris couldn’t get more romantic enough, here is where the “I Love You” wall is located. The tiled wall has i love you written in 250 languages – go and find the languages you know.

Moulin Rouge

Staying north of the city, visit the Moulin Rouge building. Home to the can-can dance and a destination for music and entertainment. If you have time, definitely check out the famous show and dinner cabaret. The interior and the atmosphere  is absolutely stunning. If you don’t have time it’s still a lovely building to take a look at with a unique windmill on top.

Palais Garnier – Opera House

Continuing with the entertainment theme, I would highly recommend going into and exploring the Palais Garnier. This grand 1,979 seated building is absolutely stunning with a lot of history within it. Make sure you don’t miss going to the Salon Du Glacier, foyer also known as the gold room. 

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann – Luxury Shopping  Mall

In the same area, visit the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. A luxury shopping haven with all the top parisian brands you can think of. You can browse around and also go to the rooftop terrace for free for an amazing view of Paris. Its also hard to miss the magnificent stained glass ceiling. 

Stop for lunch at the Grand Café Capucines

Looking for a one stop shop for french cuisine? This place is beautiful inside and outside with both options for dining. The menu here is huge and they also offer an array of traditional dishes.  

I’d recommend the onion soup, anything from the seafood bar and to end it with a creme brulé.

Arc de Triomphe 

Standing in the middle of a 12 armed roundabout it’s the magnificent Arc de Triomphe. This landmark is an arc of France’s triumph under Napoleon. This is the perfect place to visit during the day and night when it’s lit up.

More time on your hands?

Luxembourg Gardens – Jardin du Luxembourg

Visit one of the biggest and oldest gardens in Paris that sits outside the Luxembourg Palace. With an array of flowers, manicured lawns and statues this is the perfect place to relax in some fresh air.

Louis Vuitton Foundation

One of the newer museums in Paris, the Louis Vuitton Foundation is one of a uniquely designed building that sits in Bagatelle park. The building is made up of 12 large glass and steel sails and a sight not to be missed!

The Centre Pompidou

Another museum to visit if you’re intrigued with a unique architectural style is the The Centre Pompidou.

Hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspired and helped you plan your trip to Paris. Check out more posts below! 

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